Masks of Nyarlathotep

A much more impressive operation than The Scoop, they definitely have much more integrity.

Victor lead us to the editor, "Nigel Wassif".  

Well, up to do gentlemen, very english compared to most egyptians.  He could be part of the cult of the black pharaoh.  Has he also been having people follow me?

*Penhew Foundation was the financiers of the Clive Expedition at the pyramid where the mummy sarcophagus, with it's contents were stolen.

*Expedition has a lot of help Mr. Omar Shakti who lent most of his workers to help.  

*He knew of Edward Gavigan's disappearance.

*Nigel's father was British, close to his family in Britain.

*The Clive Expedition started this year

*Clive is Doctor Henry Clive – and his party have been excavating in Memphis for 5 months.  He is a part of the Penhew Foundation.  Arrived with members of his party:  Martin Winfield, Agatha Broadmoor, James Gardner, Johannes Sprech.

*The mummy was female was found in a secret chamber in the smallest of the three pyramids, several authorities have speculated it was Queen Nitocris.  She was mysterious figure of the sixth dynasty.  No leads on her theft, only one entrance to the chamber and it was well guarded. 

*Carlyle Expedition was horrible at keeping visitors from their sites, reporters were able to get in at any time.  They did investigate near Giza, then they moved to a Saqqara site, then Dhashur.  They said they came to investigate third dynasty but most of their digs seem unrelated.

*Recommend an exceptional Egyptian Museum, Doctor Ali Kafour - speaks fluent english

Nigel was too helpful, it's probably to throw us off the trail.  I think he knows I am on to him.



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