Masks of Nyarlathotep

Victor is a lazy typical white male, didn't even stay awake long enough to read a single article. 

I heard noises outside our hotel door room while we were researching, did Nigel send someone to spy on me???

*Photo showing Sir Aubrey, Roger Carlyle Doctor Robert Hudson, Hypatia Masters leaving a Dinner in their honor at the Turf Club.  A man in the background in a tight tuxedo might be Jack Brady.

*The expedition arrives in 1919, here to excavate in regards to the third dynasty, a shadowy time.

*Black Pharoah was mentioned several times.

*Later rumor had pertained the expedition had made an astonishing find. A mere two months after arriving they for Mombasa for vacation, Roger Carlyle was sick at this time.  Also implied the incoming flooding season of the Nile would cover an important site for several months.  Several show Hypotia Masters with her Camera, with the caption that Ms. Masters was preparing for a safari in Kenya.  In the background of one of these photos is a Calendar and it shows the month of May, but the article implies they left in July.  In later reports Ms. Masters fell Ill in June.  She had not recovered from her illness when they left for Kenya.  



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