Masks of Nyarlathotep

*Roger Carlyle was "dating' M'Weru

*Roger Carlyle was having strange dreams and nightmares

*Roger went to USC, was also kicked of out Miskatnoic University

*Erica believes M'Weru was the one who had the idea for the expedition

*Doctor Huston might have encouraged the expedition

*Doctor Huston was help with interpreting the dreams

*Jack Brady was a fanatical follower of Roger Carlyle, they met in California. Roger's Lawyer got Jack out of a murder charge.

*Roger claimed to have been to Harlem after being "Wild Eyed"

*Erica had the books mentioned of Roger Carlyle's.

*The Four Tomes:

-The Pnakotic Manuscripts "English Translation"

-Selections de Livre D'Ivon (French commentary on Latin) by Gaspar Du Nord

-People of the Monolith (In English)

-Life of a God (In English)





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