Prof. Anthony Dimsdale Cowles

University of Sydney Professor


Because of his beautiful young daughter, Ewa, most young men in Arkham can offer exact directions to Professor Cowles’ bungalow on Pickman between West and Garrison, to Cowles’ office in the Liberal Arts Building, or to Cowles’ favorite lunch spot (Grafton Diner, near the Boston and Maine train station), so fixedly are their wistful eyes drawn and held by her graceful form and style.

Cowles is from the University of Sydney, currently a Fellow at Miskatonic. The professor is a friendly and open individual. Cowles collects tales about strange doings, a hobby which more than once has gotten him into troubles with University officials, who see him as keeping bad company. Cowles believes sorcery exists and has an open mind about things like monsters and underground cities, though he always wants proof. He is a large eccentric man with a brilliant red beard.

Prof. Anthony Dimsdale Cowles

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