Masks of Nyarlathotep

stumbling tiger

we walked into the stumbling tiger  to gather information on AP 

met Fergus chum  owner of the bar has all the information on jack brady 

jack Brady left Shanghai year  Rangoon  big deal with charlie grey buisness deal  sell guns??

joesph - meet with Japanese guy pretending to be drunk  English got better

brady involded in work dangerous to japan 

isoge taro – captain of imperial jap navy rumors of awesome weapon being developed by Chinese faction ( no details on weapon ) fanatic militia training  on south side river 

chung – shan road 

purpose in the bat looking for jack brady 

AP on grey dragon island 

meeting back with Ali in hotel provide info 

hunt down AP 

split the party 

nothing at the docks 


paid hookers to infeltrate ho fung imorts to get into the locked room 

work well collected parts for weapon (rocket parts must infiltrate grey dragon island 




Speaking with Tewfik Al-Sayed
Francois' Notes

*Translated Scroll for group – seemed to be most likely from memory

*Didn't give too many places that he gave tours with in the past

Yalesha from Blue Pyramid
Francois' Notes

*Hey boyfriend was killed by the brotherhood of the Black Pharoah

*Brotherhood of the Black Pharoah members often go to the Blue Pyramid

*Tewfik Al-Sayed is a member, she believes

*Boyfriend had found something out on the Brotherhood of the Black Pharoah

*Hewas found with an Upside down Ankh carved on him

*She knows this symbol to be connected with the Brotherhood of the Black Pharoah

*Her boyfriend was Abdul Jaseravic

*Once a month a truck appears in the vicinity and about two dozen Blue Pyramid members climb in and they drive away

*Truck is driven by Tewfik Al-Sayed


Interview with Mr. Shipley (Painter)
Francois' Notes

*Alistair Crowley bought all other paintings

*Painting: Giant Mountain in a savannah like terrain with a Giant Figure rising above it.  With temple like building, worshippers with heads showing the Cult of the Bloody Tongue symbology.  Called Mountain of the Black Wind in Kenya

*He mentioned dream where he was hundreds of years in the past and men were chanting to their god

*House smelled like the reptile house at the zoo.

Interview with Constable Tumwell
Francois' Notes

*Tumwell thinks it's a Dog and had shot him with a shotgun.

*Said one victim survived

Victors Conversation with inspector James Barrington of the Yard
Francois' Notes

*Mentioned that the murders in the "Slaughter in Soho" article, are the victims were native egyptian

*Interviewed Edward Gavigan on the occult side of the murders

*Had info that these were ritual killings of the Black Pharoah Cult

*Jackson Elias was James Barrington of the Yard's informant that thought this was work of the Black Pharoah cult

*Jonah Kinsington was the go between for Jackson Elias and James Barrington of the yard

*Another individual was interviewed who had guided an egyptian expidition for penhew foundation

*Tewfik Al-Sayed was that person

*Predecessor was killed investigating this case: Chief Inspector John Smith

*One victim yelled out "Hotep" before dying, Edward Gavigan said it translates to "peace" or "rest"

*Night spot for egyptians was at the "Blue Pyramid in Soho"

*Tewfik Al-Sayed's Spice shop: Ardor St. Soho open 9-5 Mon thru Sat

The Scoop
Francois' Notes

*Mr. Shipley – 6, Holbin Mews

*Jackson Elias was here, wanted to read the news stories

*Derbyshire Monster, people involved: George Osgood, Miss Lydia Perkins, Harold Short, Constable Tumwell

*Slaughter in Soho – mentioned James Barrington of the Yard

*Also called "A Serpent in Soho"

*Tewfik Al-Sayed was mentioned?

Interrogation of Edward Gavigan
Francois' Notes

*He worships the Black Pharoah

*Had matches from Diamond Back – Tottenham Ct Road

*Had business card Tewfik Al-Sayed Spice Shop

*Back of Truck stolen from Penhew Foundation had bunch of Creepy Statues

From Reading the Scrolls (Penhew Foundation)
Francois' Notes

*Scrolls are poems for worshipping the God of the Bloody Tongue

*Scrolls appears to try and show name of the God

*Book of Dyzan – English author is unknown, reputedly of ancient origin

*Long referred to by theosophist Helena Lavotsky:  A Copy of this tome has never been verified.

*Translation of manuscripts thought to be Atlantian

*Also called the stanzas of Dyzan

The Penhew Foundation
Francois' Notes

*Mysterious African lady gave info to Penhew about a shadowy time in Egypt history in which Sir Subrey was interested.  Woman was thought to be a hoax, she disappeared with funds equaling over 3500 pounds.

*Story: Sorcerer ruled Nile Valley.

*M'Weru was confirmed lover of Arthur Penhew

*Kenyan Uplands was mentioned

*Expedition notes with Penhew were mentioned

*Dhashur was mentioned

*Waste ot the west of Giza Pyramids

*Some artifacts went to the British Museum

*One Crate = Labled "Ho Fong imports 15 Kaoyang Road, Shanghai China,   "Attention: honorable Ho Fong""

*Small Crate = Randolph Shipping Co, Port Darwin; Northern Territory, Dimron of Australia"  "Person to Mr. Randolph"

*Book Case had three books "G'Harne Fragments" "Book of Dvizan" "Liber Ivoins"

*Found two silver daggers, enchanted and useable for summoning dimensional shamblers spell.

*Found a few statues. 

*Mentioned the Egyptian scroll Byakhee, a servant a hastur.


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