Masks of Nyarlathotep

The Bent Pyramid
Francois' Notes

Entered the Bent pyramid from the back side, upon entering Alfonz discovered a secret room.

The room contains an archway, also a black throne made of obsidian, covered in gems.

*Inscription reads foretells the impeding birth of the Child of the Nyarlathotep within the mountain of the black wind.  It will most likely be in early April of this year.  The prophecy also foresees that vast destruction heralds the birth but the nature of the destruction unstated.   

I believe the great destruction is World War 1. 

*The wall to the left of the throne holds two bas-reliefs.  One contains a star chart and small description of specific planetary positions in the solar system.  The latter relief is ringed by formidable astrological symbols.  Studying the charts they are obvious signs for the occult.  The next matching planetary configuration will be January 14th 1926.  I realized that on that day a total solar eclipse races across the Indian ocean.  On the wall to the right of the thrown is a distorted map of Eurasia, Africa, Australia and western pacific.  Mountains, rivers and continental outlines  are easily recognized, no cities or nations are shown.  An elongated triangle is formed by three uncut rubies, respectively marking points in east china sea, central Kenya, and western Australia.  Because the decorative map is inaccurate precise locations cannot be determined.  In inlaid ebony band marks an arc across the Indian ocean.  I recognize that is an arc identical to the arc of totality of the solar eclipse of January 14th 1926.   The phrase "The old ones shall come hence, all shall tremble before their awful might".

*Alfonz remembered in the book, "Life of a God" this exact room was described by Crompton.  The six lights described in his diary are the six pillars with the gyms on top of them.  

Victor is going to sit on the throne, as he sits, something changes….he's….morphed into….I recognize this, my sister is screaming….EVERYONE is part of this, she tells me.  VICTOR DID THIS ON PURPOSE, THEY ALL CONSPIRED TO RAISE AFJasdfasdfahhahhahhahahahahahahhahnnnnngggAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Ali Kafour of the Egyptian Museum
Francois' Notes

Even here at the egyptian museum we were followed, I'm sure of it.  My sisters whispers, whispers in my ears.  I need to get to her before they stop me.  I miss her.

Ali Kafour is a short thin man, looks weathered but alert and intelligent.

*Believes Queen Nitocris is related to the Black Pharoah.

*The mummy that was stolen was for sure Queen Nitocris, she was buried alive in the secret chamber founded in the Clive Expedition.

*The Great Sphynx in Giza, was supposed to play an important part in hideous rituals committed by Queen Nitocris.

*In the end of the third dynasty a man known as Nephren-Ka came to Egypt, he was a powerful sorcerer.  He brought madness and death to his enemies at the flick of a finger.  The stories say he came from an ancient city in the deserts of Arabia.  The city's name was Irem also known as the city of pillars.  This place is mentioned in the Al Azif, also known as the Necronomicon.  All who knew of it, held it in dread. Nephren-Ka revived the worship of an old foul god, the Black Pharoah.  Soon Nephren-Ka and the God were interchangable in the minds of the people and the sorcerer became known as the Black Pharaoh.  Now no one can distinguish their deeds and legends.  For many years the Black Pharaoh fought with Zoser's successors of the third dynasty for control of the land.  So great was the power of the Black Pharaoh that no record of them remains.  For a time Nephren-Ka ruled the Nile and it's peoples.  At last sneferu's rose and founded the fourth dynasty and with the aid of Isis and thwarted the evil magic and slew Nephren-Ka.  Remarkably however a pyramid was built to contain the Sorcerers body but the structure collapsed even Sneferu was building a second one.

*Kafur speculates that this perhaps insulated egypt from still potent magic within the corpse. 

*The collapsed pyramid is located at Medum. The second pyramid is known as the bent pyramid at Dashur.  Records imply that Nephren-Ka's corpse was moved to the Bent Pyramid in Dashur. But exploration has discovered no trace.  Another pyramid at Dashur, the Red Pyramid is also attributed to Sneferu.  This pyramid is said to guard Dashur, lest Nephren-Ka rise from the dead.   Upon his triumph, Sneferu ordered all traces of the Black Pharaoh stricken from the land.  Nevertheless worshippers of the Black Pharaoh remained and schemed for his return.  In time the worshippers were driven south out of egypt in into the hideous swamps of Sudan.  In the sixth dynasty, the cruel Queen Nitocris was thought in league with a new cult of the Black Pharaoh which Kafour believes to be true.  Is it worth mentioning,  that the Black Pharaoh is known by the name Nyarlathotep.  

*Some say the Black Pharaoh was part of a patheon of abdominable deities more ancient than the gods of egypt.  These old gods were utterly inhuman and dedicated to chaos and madness.  Nephren-Ka was said to poses a huge beast of which the Sphynx of Giza was a small inaccurate representation of.  The voice of Nephren-Ka was said to carry throughout the land on a Black Wind, a wind which destroys at his whim.  There is a prophecy that implies that the Black Pharaoh will rise twenty fingers and toes after the great good one rises, thought to be 20 centuries after the birth of Jesus.  A new age then begins destined to end the dominance of mankind over the earth and bring freedom and stark truth to the Black Pharaoh's followers.  

*Manlike but inhuman worshippers of the Black Pharaoh are said to lurk underground, waylaying passers by.  

*Kafour thinks that the Black Pharaoh and Nephren-Ka did exist and he calls these the Elder Gods and he thinks they are led by the Demon Sulton, Azathoth.  He has seen servitors of these Gods in the desert and know for a fact they exist in present day egypt.  He doesn't know much of the organization, leadership or activities.  He also suspects that worship of the Black Pharaoh is growing in other parts of Africa.  For example, He had heard of a Cult, called the Bloody Tongue in Britain's Kenyan Colony.  This cult worships a monstrous god which is another aspect of the Black Pharaoh.  

*He believes the Carylye expedition uncovered a secret containing to the Black Pharaoh and lead to their slaughter in Kenya.  Penhew was interested the Black Pharaoh.  When last Sir Aubrey Penhew came to egypt he did not seek Ali Kafour out.  When he tried to visit the expedition dig in Dashur, Sir Aubrey rudely turned him away.  He did however recall marked changes in Sir Aubrey, physically he seemed younger and emotionally he was withdrawn, aloof and curiously malicious.  He doesn't know if they were trying to resurrect the Pharaoh.  

*Since Sir Aubrey died, ten expeditions had been lead by the Penhew Foundation.  And among them there has been at least 20 deaths, many suicides, disappearances and one case of madness.  

*The museum contains a copy of the Necronomicon, he had learned was to protect himself against these things.  

*Said he could research the location of The mountain of the Black Wind in Kenya.

*The majority of the spells he knows are ritual magics and take a long time to prepare.  We can ward certain places.  

Breaking into Omar Shakti's Plantation
Francois' Notes

I'm dragging Victor with me into this break in.  I need to keep an eye on him.  Someone is following us.  I can feel their eyes on me.  My sister whispers all day long.  She let's me know they follow.  They follow.

*Found a safe in the study, requires a key.

Cairo Bulletin Archives
Francois' Notes

Victor is a lazy typical white male, didn't even stay awake long enough to read a single article. 

I heard noises outside our hotel door room while we were researching, did Nigel send someone to spy on me???

*Photo showing Sir Aubrey, Roger Carlyle Doctor Robert Hudson, Hypatia Masters leaving a Dinner in their honor at the Turf Club.  A man in the background in a tight tuxedo might be Jack Brady.

*The expedition arrives in 1919, here to excavate in regards to the third dynasty, a shadowy time.

*Black Pharoah was mentioned several times.

*Later rumor had pertained the expedition had made an astonishing find. A mere two months after arriving they for Mombasa for vacation, Roger Carlyle was sick at this time.  Also implied the incoming flooding season of the Nile would cover an important site for several months.  Several show Hypotia Masters with her Camera, with the caption that Ms. Masters was preparing for a safari in Kenya.  In the background of one of these photos is a Calendar and it shows the month of May, but the article implies they left in July.  In later reports Ms. Masters fell Ill in June.  She had not recovered from her illness when they left for Kenya.  

Cairo Bulletin
Francois' Notes

A much more impressive operation than The Scoop, they definitely have much more integrity.

Victor lead us to the editor, "Nigel Wassif".  

Well, up to do gentlemen, very english compared to most egyptians.  He could be part of the cult of the black pharaoh.  Has he also been having people follow me?

*Penhew Foundation was the financiers of the Clive Expedition at the pyramid where the mummy sarcophagus, with it's contents were stolen.

*Expedition has a lot of help Mr. Omar Shakti who lent most of his workers to help.  

*He knew of Edward Gavigan's disappearance.

*Nigel's father was British, close to his family in Britain.

*The Clive Expedition started this year

*Clive is Doctor Henry Clive – and his party have been excavating in Memphis for 5 months.  He is a part of the Penhew Foundation.  Arrived with members of his party:  Martin Winfield, Agatha Broadmoor, James Gardner, Johannes Sprech.

*The mummy was female was found in a secret chamber in the smallest of the three pyramids, several authorities have speculated it was Queen Nitocris.  She was mysterious figure of the sixth dynasty.  No leads on her theft, only one entrance to the chamber and it was well guarded. 

*Carlyle Expedition was horrible at keeping visitors from their sites, reporters were able to get in at any time.  They did investigate near Giza, then they moved to a Saqqara site, then Dhashur.  They said they came to investigate third dynasty but most of their digs seem unrelated.

*Recommend an exceptional Egyptian Museum, Doctor Ali Kafour - speaks fluent english

Nigel was too helpful, it's probably to throw us off the trail.  I think he knows I am on to him.

stumbling tiger

we walked into the stumbling tiger  to gather information on AP 

met Fergus chum  owner of the bar has all the information on jack brady 

jack Brady left Shanghai year  Rangoon  big deal with charlie grey buisness deal  sell guns??

joesph - meet with Japanese guy pretending to be drunk  English got better

brady involded in work dangerous to japan 

isoge taro – captain of imperial jap navy rumors of awesome weapon being developed by Chinese faction ( no details on weapon ) fanatic militia training  on south side river 

chung – shan road 

purpose in the bat looking for jack brady 

AP on grey dragon island 

meeting back with Ali in hotel provide info 

hunt down AP 

split the party 

nothing at the docks 


paid hookers to infeltrate ho fung imorts to get into the locked room 

work well collected parts for weapon (rocket parts must infiltrate grey dragon island 




Speaking with Tewfik Al-Sayed
Francois' Notes

*Translated Scroll for group – seemed to be most likely from memory

*Didn't give too many places that he gave tours with in the past

Yalesha from Blue Pyramid
Francois' Notes

*Hey boyfriend was killed by the brotherhood of the Black Pharoah

*Brotherhood of the Black Pharoah members often go to the Blue Pyramid

*Tewfik Al-Sayed is a member, she believes

*Boyfriend had found something out on the Brotherhood of the Black Pharoah

*Hewas found with an Upside down Ankh carved on him

*She knows this symbol to be connected with the Brotherhood of the Black Pharoah

*Her boyfriend was Abdul Jaseravic

*Once a month a truck appears in the vicinity and about two dozen Blue Pyramid members climb in and they drive away

*Truck is driven by Tewfik Al-Sayed


Interview with Mr. Shipley (Painter)
Francois' Notes

*Alistair Crowley bought all other paintings

*Painting: Giant Mountain in a savannah like terrain with a Giant Figure rising above it.  With temple like building, worshippers with heads showing the Cult of the Bloody Tongue symbology.  Called Mountain of the Black Wind in Kenya

*He mentioned dream where he was hundreds of years in the past and men were chanting to their god

*House smelled like the reptile house at the zoo.

Interview with Constable Tumwell
Francois' Notes

*Tumwell thinks it's a Dog and had shot him with a shotgun.

*Said one victim survived


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