Masks of Nyarlathotep

Breaking into to Omar Shakti's Part 2
Ali Kafur

Those rapscallions have done it again!   They were able to clean out Omar's safe with Omar none the wiser!  

In the safe they found:

Business records

Log book with 5 years of shipments to Ho Fung Imports, same as what was found in Francois' notes of the basement of the Penhew Foundation.

And  receipt/note about a Scarab.

Jackson Elias Murder
Francois' Notes

*Cult of the Bloody Tongue symbol carved into Jackson Elias' forehead

*Symbol represents God they worship

*Found a Pronga – Long busy knife

Slide Show Notes from Dr. Cowles Lecture
Francois' Notes

* Anthony Cowles, PHD, Talked about Cult of Darkness and Cult of the Sandbat (South Pacific Cults with connection to Cthulhu and realm of Rilyeh)

*Beautiful girl "assistant" at lecture – Daughter of Anthony Cowles, Ewa Cowles.

*He mentions the Panape Scriptures

*Anthony Cowles is staying in United States for now, plans on returning to Sydney after June 1925

*He thanked Professor Dodge for watching house in Sydney

*Slide 1: Aboriginal song cycle – mentioning Gods being overthrown by living Winds

*Slide 2: Sweating Men by….didn't finish note

*Arthur McWir has a journal about Bat Cult

*Slide 3:  Arafura (Northern Australia) – Sand Bat, Father of all bats – fights Rainbow Snake

Conversation with Nails Nelson
Francois' Notes

*Nails Nelson claimed to see Jack Brady in Hong Kong in 1923

JuJu House
Francois' Notes

*Well crafted African art in storefront

*Has components of African ritual magic that takes very specific knowledge

*Has artifacts specific to Cult of the Bloody Tongue

*Has multiple cult affects

*Buys occult pieces from Mombasa

*I wrote down Ahja Singh

Erica Carlyle
Francois' Notes

*Roger Carlyle was "dating' M'Weru

*Roger Carlyle was having strange dreams and nightmares

*Roger went to USC, was also kicked of out Miskatnoic University

*Erica believes M'Weru was the one who had the idea for the expedition

*Doctor Huston might have encouraged the expedition

*Doctor Huston was help with interpreting the dreams

*Jack Brady was a fanatical follower of Roger Carlyle, they met in California. Roger's Lawyer got Jack out of a murder charge.

*Roger claimed to have been to Harlem after being "Wild Eyed"

*Erica had the books mentioned of Roger Carlyle's.

*The Four Tomes:

-The Pnakotic Manuscripts "English Translation"

-Selections de Livre D'Ivon (French commentary on Latin) by Gaspar Du Nord

-People of the Monolith (In English)

-Life of a God (In English)



Jeremiah's call to Harvard University LIbrary
Francois' Notes

*Mariam Artwright says Jackson Elias was trying to get African Dark Sects, it was gone for some time.

*Also mentioned the book vanished and there was a foul odor in the library at the time

*Went missing around 1922

*Published in 1921 in London only

*Nigel Blackwell wrote it between 1916-1917

*Nigel Blackwell is deceased

*Banned for obscene reasons.

*Demonized Africans – Anti colonial tract

Talk with Detective Pool
Francois' Notes

*Detective Pool said he suspected Emerson Imports of drug dealing.  Admitted they called detective Pool to let them know info our party already had.

Talk with Professor Anthony Cowles
Francois' Notes

*Cult of Darkness is an Egyptian Cult

*John Scott of Boston Massachuesettes rented a book out at the University of Sydney Library

*He heard of Pnakotic Manuscripts and People of the Monolith

*Miash-MO is author of Panape Scriptures

*Panape Scriptures taken around same time as African Dark Sects

The Penhew Foundation
Francois' Notes

*Mysterious African lady gave info to Penhew about a shadowy time in Egypt history in which Sir Subrey was interested.  Woman was thought to be a hoax, she disappeared with funds equaling over 3500 pounds.

*Story: Sorcerer ruled Nile Valley.

*M'Weru was confirmed lover of Arthur Penhew

*Kenyan Uplands was mentioned

*Expedition notes with Penhew were mentioned

*Dhashur was mentioned

*Waste ot the west of Giza Pyramids

*Some artifacts went to the British Museum

*One Crate = Labled "Ho Fong imports 15 Kaoyang Road, Shanghai China,   "Attention: honorable Ho Fong""

*Small Crate = Randolph Shipping Co, Port Darwin; Northern Territory, Dimron of Australia"  "Person to Mr. Randolph"

*Book Case had three books "G'Harne Fragments" "Book of Dvizan" "Liber Ivoins"

*Found two silver daggers, enchanted and useable for summoning dimensional shamblers spell.

*Found a few statues. 

*Mentioned the Egyptian scroll Byakhee, a servant a hastur.


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