Masks of Nyarlathotep

* Anthony Cowles, PHD, Talked about Cult of Darkness and Cult of the Sandbat (South Pacific Cults with connection to Cthulhu and realm of Rilyeh)

*Beautiful girl "assistant" at lecture – Daughter of Anthony Cowles, Ewa Cowles.

*He mentions the Panape Scriptures

*Anthony Cowles is staying in United States for now, plans on returning to Sydney after June 1925

*He thanked Professor Dodge for watching house in Sydney

*Slide 1: Aboriginal song cycle – mentioning Gods being overthrown by living Winds

*Slide 2: Sweating Men by….didn't finish note

*Arthur McWir has a journal about Bat Cult

*Slide 3:  Arafura (Northern Australia) – Sand Bat, Father of all bats – fights Rainbow Snake



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