Masks of Nyarlathotep

Even here at the egyptian museum we were followed, I'm sure of it.  My sisters whispers, whispers in my ears.  I need to get to her before they stop me.  I miss her.

Ali Kafour is a short thin man, looks weathered but alert and intelligent.

*Believes Queen Nitocris is related to the Black Pharoah.

*The mummy that was stolen was for sure Queen Nitocris, she was buried alive in the secret chamber founded in the Clive Expedition.

*The Great Sphynx in Giza, was supposed to play an important part in hideous rituals committed by Queen Nitocris.

*In the end of the third dynasty a man known as Nephren-Ka came to Egypt, he was a powerful sorcerer.  He brought madness and death to his enemies at the flick of a finger.  The stories say he came from an ancient city in the deserts of Arabia.  The city's name was Irem also known as the city of pillars.  This place is mentioned in the Al Azif, also known as the Necronomicon.  All who knew of it, held it in dread. Nephren-Ka revived the worship of an old foul god, the Black Pharoah.  Soon Nephren-Ka and the God were interchangable in the minds of the people and the sorcerer became known as the Black Pharaoh.  Now no one can distinguish their deeds and legends.  For many years the Black Pharaoh fought with Zoser's successors of the third dynasty for control of the land.  So great was the power of the Black Pharaoh that no record of them remains.  For a time Nephren-Ka ruled the Nile and it's peoples.  At last sneferu's rose and founded the fourth dynasty and with the aid of Isis and thwarted the evil magic and slew Nephren-Ka.  Remarkably however a pyramid was built to contain the Sorcerers body but the structure collapsed even Sneferu was building a second one.

*Kafur speculates that this perhaps insulated egypt from still potent magic within the corpse. 

*The collapsed pyramid is located at Medum. The second pyramid is known as the bent pyramid at Dashur.  Records imply that Nephren-Ka's corpse was moved to the Bent Pyramid in Dashur. But exploration has discovered no trace.  Another pyramid at Dashur, the Red Pyramid is also attributed to Sneferu.  This pyramid is said to guard Dashur, lest Nephren-Ka rise from the dead.   Upon his triumph, Sneferu ordered all traces of the Black Pharaoh stricken from the land.  Nevertheless worshippers of the Black Pharaoh remained and schemed for his return.  In time the worshippers were driven south out of egypt in into the hideous swamps of Sudan.  In the sixth dynasty, the cruel Queen Nitocris was thought in league with a new cult of the Black Pharaoh which Kafour believes to be true.  Is it worth mentioning,  that the Black Pharaoh is known by the name Nyarlathotep.  

*Some say the Black Pharaoh was part of a patheon of abdominable deities more ancient than the gods of egypt.  These old gods were utterly inhuman and dedicated to chaos and madness.  Nephren-Ka was said to poses a huge beast of which the Sphynx of Giza was a small inaccurate representation of.  The voice of Nephren-Ka was said to carry throughout the land on a Black Wind, a wind which destroys at his whim.  There is a prophecy that implies that the Black Pharaoh will rise twenty fingers and toes after the great good one rises, thought to be 20 centuries after the birth of Jesus.  A new age then begins destined to end the dominance of mankind over the earth and bring freedom and stark truth to the Black Pharaoh's followers.  

*Manlike but inhuman worshippers of the Black Pharaoh are said to lurk underground, waylaying passers by.  

*Kafour thinks that the Black Pharaoh and Nephren-Ka did exist and he calls these the Elder Gods and he thinks they are led by the Demon Sulton, Azathoth.  He has seen servitors of these Gods in the desert and know for a fact they exist in present day egypt.  He doesn't know much of the organization, leadership or activities.  He also suspects that worship of the Black Pharaoh is growing in other parts of Africa.  For example, He had heard of a Cult, called the Bloody Tongue in Britain's Kenyan Colony.  This cult worships a monstrous god which is another aspect of the Black Pharaoh.  

*He believes the Carylye expedition uncovered a secret containing to the Black Pharaoh and lead to their slaughter in Kenya.  Penhew was interested the Black Pharaoh.  When last Sir Aubrey Penhew came to egypt he did not seek Ali Kafour out.  When he tried to visit the expedition dig in Dashur, Sir Aubrey rudely turned him away.  He did however recall marked changes in Sir Aubrey, physically he seemed younger and emotionally he was withdrawn, aloof and curiously malicious.  He doesn't know if they were trying to resurrect the Pharaoh.  

*Since Sir Aubrey died, ten expeditions had been lead by the Penhew Foundation.  And among them there has been at least 20 deaths, many suicides, disappearances and one case of madness.  

*The museum contains a copy of the Necronomicon, he had learned was to protect himself against these things.  

*Said he could research the location of The mountain of the Black Wind in Kenya.

*The majority of the spells he knows are ritual magics and take a long time to prepare.  We can ward certain places.  



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