Masks of Nyarlathotep

Entered the Bent pyramid from the back side, upon entering Alfonz discovered a secret room.

The room contains an archway, also a black throne made of obsidian, covered in gems.

*Inscription reads foretells the impeding birth of the Child of the Nyarlathotep within the mountain of the black wind.  It will most likely be in early April of this year.  The prophecy also foresees that vast destruction heralds the birth but the nature of the destruction unstated.   

I believe the great destruction is World War 1. 

*The wall to the left of the throne holds two bas-reliefs.  One contains a star chart and small description of specific planetary positions in the solar system.  The latter relief is ringed by formidable astrological symbols.  Studying the charts they are obvious signs for the occult.  The next matching planetary configuration will be January 14th 1926.  I realized that on that day a total solar eclipse races across the Indian ocean.  On the wall to the right of the thrown is a distorted map of Eurasia, Africa, Australia and western pacific.  Mountains, rivers and continental outlines  are easily recognized, no cities or nations are shown.  An elongated triangle is formed by three uncut rubies, respectively marking points in east china sea, central Kenya, and western Australia.  Because the decorative map is inaccurate precise locations cannot be determined.  In inlaid ebony band marks an arc across the Indian ocean.  I recognize that is an arc identical to the arc of totality of the solar eclipse of January 14th 1926.   The phrase "The old ones shall come hence, all shall tremble before their awful might".

*Alfonz remembered in the book, "Life of a God" this exact room was described by Crompton.  The six lights described in his diary are the six pillars with the gyms on top of them.  

Victor is going to sit on the throne, as he sits, something changes….he's….morphed into….I recognize this, my sister is screaming….EVERYONE is part of this, she tells me.  VICTOR DID THIS ON PURPOSE, THEY ALL CONSPIRED TO RAISE AFJasdfasdfahhahhahhahahahahahahhahnnnnngggAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!



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